Hey that's me!

I create interactive experiences to make it easier for your audience to do what they need, find what they want, and perhaps have a little fun in the process. Oh, and meet your requirements too.

I've recently wrapped up a contract with Razorfish where I led the information architecture effort for a number of their projects, including Follett's Faculty Discover. The site allows college instructors to assign textbooks for their classes. It featured a responsive design and was developed using an Agile-like process. Previously I worked at BMO Harris Bank through their merger where I redesigned their public site and advocated user-centered design as a strategic resource.

Contracting allows me to find those select projects to extend my expertise in large retail/transactional projects and to occasionally accept completely new challenges.

Skill Highlights

  • Audience strategy: Defining your users and identify how to motivate them to achieve your business objective
  • Ecommerce: Although I have broad background of interaction design, transactional websites have become a particular sweet spot
  • Taxonomy: Building hierarchial catalogs with faceted attributes
  • Collaborative Methodology: Working with experts on your internal and extended team, drawing on an array of process experience using agile and user-centered design
  • Usability: Validating and honing our concepts with real user feedback mechanism such as usability testing and surveys

Selected Projects

BMO Harris Site (October 2012)

BMO Harris Logo

For BMO Harris, the 12th largest US bank, led the information architecture effort during its recent merger with M&I bank. This included managing the UX project team of researchers and designers as well as coordinating with the program management team. Results included the design of user flows which conversion rates performed 78% better than anticipated. Developed engagement models and roadmaps to position the internal usability practice as a strategic resource that now serves most customer touchpoints.

Financial Services Company Mobile Web and Apps (2011)

Razorfish Logo

For a Razorfish client, worked on mobile websites and apps for a large financial services company. Features include purchasing, transactions and self-service. Created and presented POVs that provided strategic rationale for further development direction. Organized and ran client work sessions to collaborate on concepts. Co-wrote business requirements with BAs and developed use cases. Worked closely with business owners and developers.

AT&T Bundles (June 2011)

AT&T Logo

If you live in a U-verse service area, you can easily add different service together and see how much you can save. Underneath it, is a wildly tangled set of business rules that is completely hidden from the customer. Utilized iRise prototyping/documenting software.

MyGofer Cross-Channel Ecommerce Site (May 2009)

MyGofer Logo

Developed the 170K product taxonomy for Sears’ new clicks-to-bricks retailing venture. Headed a team of taxonomists that integrated with merchants to create detailed hierarchy and attributes for a 170K product catalog.

QVC E-commerce Website (October 2007)

Image of QVC website

Integrating the TV-to-web (and back) multi-channel paths was one of the many redesign challenges of the billion-dollar QVC e-commerce website. Video players were incorporated into many key pages. Information architecture comprised of research meta analysis, persona development, organizing principles, usability testing, sitemaps and user interface specifications. Highlights include: