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The phone comparison tool solves a real world problem for cell phone users: buying a cell phone is hard! First, it is a two step process: buy the phone and then the plan. Second, both phone and plan offerings change over time. Once a customer’s contract is expired, everything they may have known from previous purchases has changed. Further, features on phones and plans are very technical, increasing most customers’ difficulty shopping online.

Our approach was to simplify the phone selection process so a novice shopper could find a satisfactory phone. However, the solution could not get in the way of the more technically minded shopper. We used a highly integrated process that included fast-paced brainstorming, concept generation and refinements. I was a part of the core creative/development team. Before it went live, I facilitated usability testing to review and validate the selected concept.

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Concept 1 | Concept 2 | Concept 3

Conceptual Wire Frame

Phone Comparison Tool Concept 1 Wire Frame

Initial Design

Phone Comparison Tool Concept 1 Design