Hey I designed this!

Although I love user experience, I received my BFA as a graphic designer. I created packages for iconic brands like SC Johnson Paste Wax (dig those 1980s era pinstripes!). Later as I became interested in optimizing the design process, I became a project manager and then a network manager.

While in managing IT, I championed the early adoption of now standard (OK, even trivial) infrastructures such as networks and collaborative workspaces. That early computer interest took me to explore multimedia and 3D animation, working for a time on concepts of an early computer role-playing game.

I live in a far northern suburb of Chicago with my wife and two children.

Quick Facts

  • I’m an avid board game player. I make a yearly pilgrimage with my son to Indianapolis, IN to GenCon, the world’s largest gaming convention.
  • I grew up in a large family and have six brothers and two sisters. I admire my parents, but won't duplicate their feat.
  • One of those brothers is the former mayor of my hometown, Sycamore, IL. It's a place where a penny can still get you 12 minutes from the parking meter.
  • The brother of my great-great-...great-grandfather was Captain John Parker, the leader of the Lexington Minuteman who said "if they mean to have a war, let it begin here."
  • My cousin, Heidi, played George Costanza's fiance on the show Seinfeild. I never watched the show and only learned of her involvement after she “licked the stamp.”
  • To pay my way through college, I spent time as a fry cook, a flower deliverer, and for 3 whole days, a vacuum cleaner salesman.