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The chief objective of the Phone Comparison Tool was to simplify the selection process for novice shoppers without being a hindrance to more sophisticated buyers. The concepts we developed combined filtering and sorting along with the ability to compare models side by side on one page. However, to accomplish this, the concepts needed to use fairly uncommon features for websites such as drag and drop. The usability test was to present the concept to a variety of users for feedback.

The usability objectives included:

  • Acceptance of the drag and drop mechanism
  • Ability to use the simple filter and sorting tools effectively
  • Ability to access and use the more advanced feature menu

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SunCom : Phone Comparison Tool Usability Findings

Drag and Drop Acceptibility | Filtering and Sorting | Finding Tools | Advanced Features

Jessica gets it

Participants understood the drag and drop mechanism and used it with little to no problem.

  • Many participants got the drag and drop concept from their first impression of viewing the page.
  • The clean, simple initial screen with the repetitive dotted boxes that contained clear instructions helped the participants make those connections.
  • Even participants that missed the concept at first, used it to recover from missteps, even when the prototype had a defect.
  • The ability to understand drag and drop spanned neophyte to expert web users and non- to current wireless customers.